The impact investments are taken to end in companies, organizations and bottoms with the intention to generate social, environmental impact and financial return. They can be realised so much in developed markets as emergent, and to have as objective a rank of returns that go from values of market to below this, following the circumstances.

The impact investment is an efficient tool to canalize capital flows that fund innovating solutions that offer a financial return, and generate a social impact and environmental measurable positive and.

In this frame, the 10 of March of 2016, are born the Work group, driven by actors nails of the sector of the financial, corporative sector, government, organizations of the civil society, academy, and companies of triple impact.

Its objective is to plot the course and to consolidate the development of the market of investment of impact, generating a shift of paradigm in the form to make businesses.

It reports Investment of Impact Argentina 2017

The efforts are focused in:

The development of the appropriate regulatory frame to foment its funding.
The accomplishment of reports and content to promote the impact investment.
The increase of capital and the instruments available for the impact investment.
The qualification of the excellent actors.
The promotion of the systematization of the measurement of impact.
768 to 983
480 to 767