21 September 2017 | Internet

The fourth sector: another possible economy?

To produce with environmental sustainability and for the social welfare. To prefer one marks by the ethical behavior of the company and not only by the characteristics of the product. It is not science fiction, but a tendency that impulse is gaining. I talk about to the fourth sector, the crossing between the values, the consumption and the production, in the economy that demand millennials.

Around a 70% of this generation it would accept a lower wage in exchange for working by a good cause, whereas the overwhelming majority would be arranged to pay more by a responsible product. It is certain that they have the fixed glance in the screen of the mobile and spend several hours of its day to the social networks. But they also want to restrain the climate change, to construct inclusive societies, to mitigate the increasing inequality, and to live according to a ethics that is not fought with the gains.

From these new values and expectations a powerful movement has arisen that in many countries already supposes 10% of the gross domestic product (PIB) and that it uses to a considerable proportion of his workers. The young entrepreneurs have been the main impellers of this change. Every year million social companies in the world are created, under diverse forms, as citizen initiatives, labor companies B, cooperatives, mutual benefit societies, societies, or the ethical bank.

What unites to these organizations is that, although they look for the financial self-sufficiency and they work under an enterprise logic, his objective is not only to obtain. Its objective is to solve the great problems of the 21st century, being combined elements of the three traditional sectors: the public, prevailed and the nongovernmental one.

Many of the present companies already recognize the necessity to develop models of more integral businesses

Ibero-America is especially positioned to take advantage of the immense potential that locks up the fourth sector: a young, audacious, creative region and of enterprising nature. Developed well, the companies of the fourth sector will help to solve the main challenges us of ours was, allowing us to fulfill the Objectives of Sustainable Development, that all the countries of the world are had it jeopardize to reach after year 2030.

The General Secretariat Iberoamericana has decided to be placed in the vanguard of this tendency, following mandates of happened XXV the Latin American Summit of Government and Chiefs of State. The 22 countries of the region recognize the central role of the undertaking for the economic growth, and also for the transformation of the productive sectors and the creation of societies more including.

For this reason, in the next days we will send in the city of New York an ambitious project that it looks for to impel the development of this call fourth sector in Ibero-America, in collaboration with World-wide the Economic Forum and other international actors. We want that the citizenship knows the opportunities that offer the companies of the fourth sector and to help to the different governments to generate a propitious ecosystem for its growth, with a regulatory frame and adapted financial instruments. The intention is to open an additional space for the undertaking, a space that allows to remove the greater benefit from the talent available in the society.

Many of the present companies already recognize the necessity to develop models of more integral businesses. Esteem that, for year 2030, three quarters of the 500 majors companies of the world will have disappeared or will have been replaced by others. The companies that will survive will be those that manage to align their economic interests with the values of the society. Ibero-America has the opportunity to lead this collective march towards a renewed global economy. A more social, righter and more sustainable economy. Our youth it demand, but mainly deserves it.

Source: El Pa­s

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