19 September 2017 | Internet

To harness the new economy

He is indispensable to support the development of an ecosystem of companies and viable entrepreneurs who do not take care of exclusively the financial yield.

To think that a company in this century can take care of exclusively the private interest and the economic yield is not to have given account of the transformation which we attended. The shifts of paradigm, of which already we have taken care repeatedly from these columns, generally hit on the traditional limited liability companies, the joint-stock companies and the societies in fact, among others, when incorporating challenges as viability, the self-funding, the innovation and the new intentions as a new form to compete in the market being offered social and environmental solutions that all we needed.

That one aim of profit gives capacity to a ampler concept: the one of the triple impact. The social impact and environmental positive is that one that a benefit of collective interest for the society generates and the atmosphere as a result of the activity that realises the company or of how realises it, and that it is added to the economic effect.

To a large extent of the world the denominated movement of companies B grows (in English, B Corps), whose shareholders voluntarily take this legal form in their own statutes. In Latin America, accompanied by System B, already it has more than 300 companies B, from startups to multinationals. In our country, Danone Argentina Waters finish adding themselves to the system.

On the other hand, several countries come accompanying the development by flaming regulations for the organization from these new legal forms that receive the name of societies of benefit and collective interest. So the case of Italy, that it counts on a special law from 2015. The same happens in 31 states of the United States.

After the recent sanction of the law of entrepreneurs, and inspired by the law first drafts that come promoting the legal groups from System B in the region, the Nacional Executive Power now impels in the Congress the sanction of the law that offers a regulatory framework in agreement with these new needs. It is possible to remember that almost a 20% of the local enterprising young people generate social and environmental impact. One sets out, then, a special regime applicable to any legal type of society, existing or new, reason why it does not introduce a new club type in the general law of societies. It does not suppose tax exemption or special benefit either some. With the name of law BIC (societies of benefit and collective interest), its sanction would turn to us into pioneers of the region. Chile and Colombia also advance with different level from agreement in the legislative treatment. And in Brazil and Uruguay, the first drafts recently were presented by the groups of legal advising of System B in their respective parliaments.

Similar discussions are present in the United Kingdom and Canada, where so far social companies only exist such as the €œcompanies of communitarian interest€.

The final writing of the local project was in charge of the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs of the Ministry of Production of the Nation and are added to the presented ones in 2015 by deputy Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann. Holders of companies B, as Inti Zen and Daravi, set out their cases before the legislators. The proposal obtained positive opinion in the Commission of General Legislation of Deputies weeks back and waits the average sanction soon to be put under the approval of the Senate.

We trust that the legislators understand the urgency and the importance of this delayed law, that he looks for within the framework to reduce to the social inequity of the ecosist©micos limits of the planet generating simultaneously an economic yield. To support the development of an ecosystem of companies and viable entrepreneurs with an integral intention that is not limited the financial value exclusively is to harness an economic, environmental and social transformation simultaneously of as positive reaches as promissory that it already settled between us.

Source: La Naci³n

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