13 September 2017 | Internet

Side B of viability

Carola Sainz

Its position seemed to me a curiosity, how they presented it: €œElizabeth Lucas King, Ambassador B, evangelist in viability, mentor of entrepreneurs of high impact, Co-founder of the Nucleus, a civil association dedicated to harness the New Regional Economies€. Through her, I arrived at Ren©e Carrelo, another expert, who quickly clarified that she is not ambassador but Multiplying B and Consultant B.I translate: She is a change agent. €œI comprise of a movement that promotes the change of the economic system. We impel a new integral and systemic economy, that redefines the sense of the success in the businesses and aims at the common well-being. Within the new economies, the B includes the ethics and has a vision of the more holistic, reciprocal, important human being: they look for to be divides the solution, not to add more problems to the planet€, it clarifies.

What is a B company?

The one that proposes a new form to make businesses, comparing its social and environmental impact with the economic one. At the moment it has more than 50 companies B in Argentina, 250 in Latin America and more than 2,500, anywhere in the world pertaining ones to 130 different sectors. Ergo, to speak with a leader €œclass B€ as soon as it is an approach to the subject. There are international courses, factories, chairs and organisms that dedicate themselves to validate to this class of leaders/companies that aim at the common good and have a social and environmental commitment, not merely monetary, with a great acceptance on the part of the society. The collaborative economies are in the heat of height. Those that also has silver look for to inventir in models of businesses with a good intention. To make money is not everything, points Ren©e.

Some successful examples B: the ecovasos Quer, recyclable; the rowers of organic cotton Street to clothing; the drink with grass to mater Guayaqu­; Inti Zen, Patagonia, Paez and StayTrue, clothes designed with organic cotton certificate, originating of Peru. This signature works with the Qom and destines a percentage of its invoicing to organic foods that they donate to 25 school cafeterias. Another brand with social impact and environmental positive is Xinca, the sneakers done with €œtrash€. This is: rest of tires that generate 100,000 tons of residues only in Argentina and constitute a threat in terms of contamination for the world. They employ social organization and rural factories and already recycle 20,000 kilos of tires and 2,500 kilos of textile residues. Also there are Companies B, led by women, as Of the pot, viandas healthful, of Andrea Jatar; The Positive news, with Andrea M©ndez Brandam (first mass media certificate B), and Cover to me, of Alejandra Gotelli. €œThis year, the tendency exploded. The great companies begin to take brings back to consciousness. And they can apply measures that help to take care of to the planet, as planting trees or placing solar panels, but the human part does not modify so easily. A company or leader B considers the happiness and the quality of life of its collaborators. Here we do not have so empathic nor inspiring leaders. There is much destrato, battering and indifference in the organizations€.

Carrelo does not exaggerate. This enterprise model promotes the fairness. And it fulfills it: 50% of men and 50% of women, with identical payment. There are no gender differences. Either enormous distances between the pays of which they gain less or more. Certification B is granted by B Lab, an organization founded on 2006 in the United States, with these principles. When certifying B, the intention of triple impact it is gotten up to the legal statute to guarantee his continuity. The certification is obtained by means of an audit process in which environmental, labor levels are moderate, of community and transparency. 80 points are due to obtain on 200 and to renew every two years.

One megacompa±­a as Nature, for example, renewed its certification as B Company and obtained a qualification of 120 points. €œMore important that to compete for being the best ones of the world, companies B look for to be the best ones for the world€, informs the signature into cosmetic that works in alliance with 33 cooperatives in Brazil, it just bets to the sustainable technology, the respect by the biodiversity and the Commerce. In Argentina, Nature finishes being the official make-up artist of Bafweek and Designers Buenos Aires: up of more had to its position make than 30 parades. Tendency by double game.


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