13 September 2017 | Internet

Global brand looks for entrepreneurs who can change the world

The initiative tries to detect projects of entrepreneurs with profit aims that have positive a social impact.

According to the report of the University of Oxford €œRedefining the success in a changeable world€, 95% of the professional young people wait for major responsibility of the companies in the solution of the great global problems. Against this background, Chivas Regal sends the fourth edition to global level, third a national level, of Venture Billy goats, an initiative that it looks for to detect, to select and to promote undertakings that carry out an economic activity with profit aims and which they as well have positive a social impact in its surroundings. The inscription for the local instance will extend until the 29 of October in the following link.

From the global launching of this platform, already 6,000 social entrepreneurs of all parts of the World participated. In this edition, 29 countries of five contenientes will participate in the search of a national undertaking that represents the country in global competition.

In the national instance, the jury will be conformed by referring of the social emprendedurismo in Argentina: Mat­as Kelly, To title of the Unit Executor of Social Entrance with Work of Presidency of the Nation; Julia Bearzi, executive Director of Endeavor Argentina; Silvia Torres Carbonell, Undersecretary of Creative Industries of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and Academic and strategic Directora in IAE and Lucas Campod³nico, General director of I grant a scholarship (Green Bondi, Lambda-type, Ecoman­a and the Biogu­a).

On the basis of the criteria of Social Intention, Viability, Potential of Growth, Practice and Credentials, the jury will choose to the winning project that will participate, next to the rest of the chosen ones at global level, of one week of exclusive acceleration in the University of Oxford by The for Skoll Centre Social Entrepreneurship. The winning projects will compete by U$S 1.000.000, destined to impel the accomplishment of the undertakings, that will be distributed in two stages: One of crowdfounding, in that weekly U$S 200,000 through the voting online of the projects will be distributed, and other than involves the global end.

Include to me, the first inclusive portal of uses of Latin America, were the winner of the local edition in 2015, first that was disputed in Argentina, and participated in the global end realised in New York in July of the current year. Whereas Xinca, a from Mendoza company that produces sneakers with recycling of tires and fabrics in disuse, and that employs interns of the penitentiary of San Rafael, were chosen as local winner in the last edition. Both will comprise of the jury of this edition.

The reason by which Chivas Regal decides to become jumbled completely in this scope is in the original DNA of the brand. From the home, their founders James and John Chivas, committed themselves to use their personal profits in the businesses to support their local community. Therefore the concept that uses €“ €œWin the Right Way€ - recognizes that desire to make a difference in the lives of the others through own work is real and significant for a new generation that thinks that the businesses can be a force for the good by means of entrepreneurs who count on a social intention.


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