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What means to be an entrepreneur of €œtriple impact€

One is undertakings that have social impact, economic and environmental. By fifth consecutive year, Program SMEs of PAE and Mayma Prizes look for to harness great projects.

In the Summit for Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), that promotes the decent work and inclusive economic development, by the end of the past year an objective very clear was sent to impel the work: the National Program of Entrepreneurs for Sustainable development (PROESUS).

It was then that of the hand of the Atmosphere Ministry of the Nation, this project €“ that it looks for to accompany entrepreneurs to increase his productivity put in agenda the undertakings of triple impact.

In this line and driven by Bread American Energy, Program SMEs PAE contributes to professionalize the management, to certify processes and to develop to products and services of the local busines by means of qualifications and technical, commercial and financial advising.

By fifth consecutive year, this program promotes the development of the Mayma Prizes 2017 in the provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz. The contest looks for to harness and to enable entrepreneurs who develop businesses with social impact, economic and environmental.

The call of the Prizes Mayma 2017, Patagonia edition, will reach the localities of Commodore Rivadavia, Vine shoot, Trelew, Puerto Madryn, Pico Truncado and Caleta Olivia

€œFor us it is a pride to be able to accompany to the Patagonian representatives in all the process of development of his undertakings. He is very satisfactory to see the profits that are obtaining€, it maintained Agustina Zenarruza, Leader of Social Bread Responsibility American Energy. €œWith 12 years of work, the success of our entrepreneurs ratifies that we go by the good way and encourages to us to continue developing the economies of the places where PAE and their people work€, it adds.

This edition of the prizes will be sent in Commodore Rivadavia, Trelew, Puerto Madryn and Sarmiento (Chubut) and Creek Olivia and Pico Truncado (Santa Cruz) and will look for to accompany to the entrepreneur in the redefinition of the strategy of the business and connecting it with mentors who bet to the acceleration of the project.

€œYear after year the initiative is held fast and growing as a community integrated by more than 1100 entrepreneurs and a professional equipment that more includes 300 mentors€, it affirms Margarita Carl©s, Director of Mayma and maintains that the contest offers to direction and qualification to rethink projects and to return them sustainable in the time, accompanying to entrepreneurs who aspire to being part of the new economies.

To take care of the atmosphere, to improve the quality of life, to generate genuine sources of work, to work in a socially responsible project is part of the glance to future that must have the local and regional economies.

The contest looks for to harness and to enable entrepreneurs

€œWe thought the local development from the support of sustainable projects. Viability orients to us permanently, crossing our work, through the deprived public joint, the long term glance and thinking the local needs search solutions€, finalizes Zenarruza.

Great winner 2016

The years happened, VentoSus, undertaking of the locality of Puerto Madryn, he obtained the first prize, award that was shared with Biodisa, a Mar del Plata initiative.

The recognized work, is an integral project of generation of Aeolian energy, thought mainly for rural settlers, residential modules in field of the petroleum companies and gas and houses of outlying areas.

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