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Third edition of Protagonists of a new economy

Protagonists of a new economy, a contest that emphasizes to companies that generate social and environmental value.

Protagonists of a new economy, are organized by System B and OPENING to emphasize to those companies that generate social and environmental value, beyond the business.

Until the 13 of October, the companies will be able to register in this competition that it has as objective to support and to visualize to those who or journey this way, to demonstrate that the shift of paradigm not only is possible, but or it is a reality.

Six companies finalists will compete in three categories by an award that it looks for to award not only the economic success, but also the initiatives that persecute the environmental care and the social commitment, as much with the personnel as with the community. One is the first created competition to emphasize to those companies that inhale to being leaders in the process of evolution and change in the Argentine economy.

The title of the contest refers to paradigms as the inclusion, good internal practices, viability, social and environmental impact. It implies to recognize that the responsibility of the companies is not due to limit the mere economic maximization, but extends to generally consider its impact in all public of interest and the society.

The last year, in his second edition, more than 110 companies appeared and was evaluated with the system of Evaluation of Impact B. This year, with the same methodology, will evaluate the impact of the companies in the areas of governance, workers, community and environment. According to the obtained score, Small business (1 to 9 workers and/or less than two years of operations), medians (from 10 to 49 with more will be selected to the two companies with the best results for the Startup categories/than two years of operations) and great (more than 50 with more than two years of operations).

The six finalists of the second edition were, for the small ones, Shared in common Ewar and Gestiones, for the medians, Interrupci³n and Wolox, and for the great ones, Globant and Kimberly-Clark. They appeared in front of a committee of experts, ordered to investigate with questions as which are the environmental goals of the company? , how they are related to the community? , how choose do the associations with which they work? , or how they work the confidence with the clients?

Each exposed in front of the juries whom they designated as winners to Shared in common Managements, Interrupci³n and Globant. The recognition was reflected in the pages of OPENING with interviews in depth to each of its representatives. According to the own businessmen, the experience served so that an institution other people's to the company could make a return and determine in what point was in the matter of sustainability.

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Source: Opening

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