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The investment with social and environmental, still incipient impact in the country

In Argentina it is already spoken with naturalness on subjects of Responsabilidad Social Empresaria (RSE) and viability in the businesses. Even so, the impact investment is one of the terms that less are mentioned when the viable practices struggle.

An impact investment allows the investor search an economic return will bet companies, bottoms or organizations who are aligned with their interests. By means of that investment a social or environmental benefit is obtained in addition that generates a direct hit in the surroundings of the company and the community where it operates.

We got used to seeing how the organizations of the civil society (OSC) took own environmental or social causes as and how the public generally became accustomed himself to think that, from the private sector, there are no intentions to solve some of the problematic ones that affect to the society. Thus, the impact investments overthrew the myth that existed per decades of which the environmental and social problems must be solved only by the governments, the OSC or the charitable foundations with those aims.

The market of responsible investment and impact offers diverse opportunities for those who wish to take care of these problems. Between that they are interested in this new form to do businesses are the banks, the individuals of high purchasing power, the institutional funds of pension and organisms. A noticeable growth of investment funds is even seen that operate in this segment. In order to have an idea of its dimension, the impact investment represents a global market of 60,000 million dollars.

Better performance

Not only it is possible to obtain financial returns in particular superiors when taking care of tie social or environmental questions with a business, but also it is possible to reduce the operational risk, to facilitate the transparency and to promote lasting models of business. In terms of results objectives, the studies show that 90% of the companies that considered environmental questions, social or of corporative good governance surpassed in performance to the average of the market.

Lately a shift of paradigm in the world of the investments has been observed impelled so much of above downwards as of down upwards.

On the one hand, the financial crisis of 2008 drove important regulatory changes that they force the investors to consider environmental, social questions and of corporative good governance in the analysis of the investment.

It is every more evident day that not to consider social or environmental the impact that the activity of a company generates represents majors risks associated with its task, and cases as the scandal of the gas discharges of the cars of Volkswagen demonstrates that the value of those companies runs great risks when these questions are neglected.

down upwards to be successful and a positive impact in the society no longer they are seen as two incompatible questions, mainly from the point of view of the young people (millennials) who are entering the labor market at this moment. No longer only they want to achieve the economic success, but also to find the way to solve some excellent social problems for them.

On the other hand, the consumers demand that the products that they buy not only do not damage the environment and the societies where they operate, but also generate a positive impact through their production. The sprouting and height of Companies B in our country and the rest of the world are a clear sample of this demand and this change of down upwards.

Argentina is not other people's to these transformations that come demonstrating in the world, and little by little begin to take important steps in the right direction. In March of this year the Work group in Investment of Impact for Paraguay, Argentina was created and Uruguay. The same united to actors nails within the government, investors, companies, OSC and social entrepreneurs of these three countries, in order to create the necessary changes at academic, regulatory and enterprise level, to foment the businesses of impact in the region. Thus, companies that incorporate the subjects of atmosphere and social impact in their models of business, governmental incubators of projects, foundations, investors, entrepreneurs and agencies find a place common to impel these practices and to establish them in their scopes of work, with the purpose of creating a sustainable and more equitable national economy.

Locally, companies as Acrux, Equitas, Njambre, Social Lab and Nxtp Labs work daily looking for to obtain a sustainable impact in the projects in which they invest his bottoms. These companies are home to create the ecosystem necessary to attract the great international investors whom they look for to unfold his bottoms in projects that provide benefits for the economy and society with a clean way, sustainable and is transparent.

Source: La Naci³n

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