21 July 2017 | Internet

Models of profitable businesses and high social value: viability and impact

Around the world in the last 25 years, initiatives of the private sector have penetrated in areas traditionally associated with the public sector and the civil society.

Beyond the enterprise social responsibility or corporative philanthropy, which distinguishes to these initiatives is its total alignment with the strategy of the company: models of businesses that they look for to be profitable as the other companies of characteristic similars, while they provide goods and services with high social value.

This thematic one is the center of teaching and the investigation of Michael Chu, professor of Harvard Business School, that will share examples, reflections on the involvements of these models and their impact in the economic and social development.

Conferences of Management and Negocios

  • Day: 27 of Julio of 2017
  • Hour: 08:30
  • Place: Pocitos campus €“ Chamber €“ Bvar. Spain 2633
  • It organizes: Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences
  • Exhibitor: Michael Chu

Michael Chu is associate professor of Administration of Companies and investigator of Harvard Business School. Associate professor in the Initiative of Social Companies of the Group of General Management of Harvard Business School in 2003 July was named. Managing director and co-founder of Bottom IGNIA, a signature of risk capital in dedicated Mexico to invest in disruptive companies that give to products and services of high impact. Senior advisor and co-founder of the Pegasus Group, a signature of private capital with headquarters in Buenos Aires.

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