Articles Triple impact

30 May 2017 | Internet

What means to be an entrepreneur of €œtriple impact€

One is undertakings that have social impact, economic and environmental. By fifth consecutive year, Program SMEs of PAE and Mayma Prizes look for to harness great projects.

29 March 2017 | Internet

Companies B, the challenge to create businesses of triple impact

This type of companies combines the profit with the solution to problematic social and environmental. In Argentina he has more than 50 certified ones under this system, whose main requirement is to count on an intention related to the triple impact.

28 April 2016 | Internet

The investment with social and environmental, still incipient impact in the country

Great companies are home to create the ecosystem necessary to attract the great international investors whom they look for to unfold his bottoms in projects that provide benefits for the economy and society with a clean way, sustainable and is transparent.

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