15 December 2017 | Internet

It is changing the form in which the companies measure their social impact

According to she presented the Socialab company, every time is more excellent organizations to show to them his groups of interest whom not only are a good company for his shareholders, but also a good company for the world.

Back they were the days in which the businessmen assured that its social impact was the number of employees whom they engaged or who its contribution to the planet was to reduce to its carbon track extinguishing the lights of the company before leaving.

Today one is due to speak and clearly direct on the real benefit that generates the company to him to the society; from the social perspective, environmental and economic, all at the same level, without one to be more important that the rest, but a complement that to him value to the world generates.

And that value would have to be evaluated through a serious measurement that gives quantitative data of impact, not only from the photos or the testimonies of the people who speak in the videos, but also from the numbers. The companies usually think that it is sufficient with visibilizar his social actions through histories and it is not that is bad, but is really excellent, for they themselves and for the society, to measure which is the impact that has its strategy in the life of the people.

According to Nicol¡s Gonz¡lez Bernal, director of operations of Socialab, esteem that approximately 85% of the resources of any project of this nature are reversed in showing evidences than becomes, more than in the results of the same social work.

He added that €œthe companies are called today to implement new methodologies of measurement of impact in their campaigns of social responsibility, some that raise forms of lighter data collection, less expensive and much more efficient, since those that is used now require of a great amount of resources to extract information, to process it, to analyze it and to report it€.

A case of success in this sense is the result of the alliance between Acumen, one of the more important investment funds of impact of the world, Rockefeller Foundation and BLabs, that developed a methodology that helps to social organizations and companies to measure of an effective form and efficient the impact that they generate and that, in addition, can associate this impact with its indicators of business.

This methodology flame Reads data and it concentrates in offering 4 key points for all the organizations:

  • To make possible a greater speed in the data collection.
  • To consume less financial and human resources to develop the study.
  • To provide excellent and robust information with clear and simple way.
  • The social impact concerning user mediates.

A project of Lean Data begins with the development of an impact question that a company tries to respond. In this phase, the leaders of the company define the exposition that is desired to try. As part of this process, they compile commentaries of the people on the impact of a certain product or service.

Soon the phase comes from design, in her the leaders identify a habilitadora technology and a qualifying instrument that will implement in their project. The habilitadora technology can be messages of text or a call center, for example. The qualifying instrument could be a survey previously proven.

In the phase of execution, the company develops a concrete plan to collect data of people in its objective market. During this phase, who manage the project enable to the members of the personal envelope how to use the habilitadora technology and the qualifying instrument, and prove their plan through the fast creation of prototypes.

Once the leaders of the company have the data in the hand, they enter to the phase of learning. They analyze the data, they learn lessons of the project and they determine how to apply these lessons to the operations of the company. Finally the leaders of the company decide how they will use the data available and make decisions against the observed impact.

According to Gonz¡lez, €œwithout a doubt, the strategies of sustainability and their measurement of impact they have come taking an increasing relevance, getting even to be at the level of the strategies of trade of the companies and its financial indicators or of business. Reason of which, this strategy would have to always be in favor ligature to the task of the company, recognizing the implicit commitment that already there is with the society and the value that must have for each organization the real needs of the world€.

Source: HSB the News

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