15 September 2017 | Internet

Companies: why is excellent the triple impact?

By Sebasti¡n Rodr­guez Undurraga. The companies of today and of the future must be constituted around the triple impact: social, economic and environmental.

The roll of the companies has changed enough the last time. It is known that no longer it is enough with the responsibility of being profitable and search benefits only for the owners and/or partners. Today it is fundamental that the companies are made people in charge generate social impact and avoid or diminish their negative environmental impacts.

For some years, that preoccupation by the surroundings and that surround era a responsibility that mainly was sold to the NGO or organizations him for charity. Today it is a responsibility that shares and demands to the companies.

It is by that in the last years have arisen several movements that look for the social economy, an economy that in the long term allows the viability of the resources of the society and the planet. Within them are companies B, the companies associated to the right commerce, the conscious companies, among others categories, all companies that, more than to be perfect, try to solve problematic social or environmental through models of sustainable businesses in the time.

To be B company, for example, it is not enough with defining and coordinating good intentions or programs of RSE. A B company is an organization who must incorporate within her statutes her commitment with that intention, that she methodologically looks for conscious and to generate social impact and environmental positive, realising an evaluation to obtain the certification in intention, model of business, governance, environment, collaborator and community.

In EmpreDiem we have undergone this approach from the homes, in 2011, and have been able to verify his multiplication effect, the way in which connects to the company with the reality of the country. We dedicated ourselves to democratise the undertaking and the social innovation in Chile and, in that way, there are shortage that a responsible company cannot work if it is not in touch with the means that surround it.

Source: Pulse

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