4 November 2016 | Internet

They look for to create a investment fund of impact in the region by u$s 50 million

The Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.) along with Acrux Partners, an international company of advising in impact investments, sent a call to create the first investment fund of regional impact for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

This bottom, that will be structured once it has been selected to the gerenciador of the project, looks for to qualify the convergence and the flow of capital, the international premises and, for the investment in companies in early stage, with a model of businesses tried, that they look for to generate a positive impact in the society or the environment in the region. To sum up, the bottom will provide with capital to projects in the sectors of education, inclusive finances, houses, energy, health, recycling and land businesses that need an investment between u$s 300,000 and u$s 1 million to climb.

The initiative tries to destine 50 million dollars to contribute to the creation of the market of impact in the region and to facilitate capital flow towards companies that they look for to generate innovating and financially viable solutions in viable challenges. The I.A.D.B. will contribute an initial capital of 5 million and the future bottom will leave search the 45 rest at moments where there are signals of the markets in favor of the investment with impact.

Latin America is the third destiny of importance for investment of impact in the world, with a 19% of the total of the impact market (no region has more of 22%), according to data of the GIIN, the Global network of Investments of Impact by its abbreviations in groins.

For Mar­a Laura Tinelli, director of Acrux, this initiative will allow €œto use the power of the financial markets to harness the capacity that owns the private sector to generate social impact and environmental positive€.

The call is opened to any local or international administrator of bottoms who owns experience in the region and demonstrates a firm interest in promoting this new form to invest capital in companies that a social, environmental benefit, and financier look for.

Source: Biz scope

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