16 August 2017 | Internet

Event: GSG Impact Summit 2017

€œA evolution in the thought€¦ a revolution in means€

In the middle of 2017 July, 560 enthusiastic world-wide leaders - the investors of impact, financial businessmen, intermediaries, leaders of foundations, representatives, and professionals for charity and of social impact descended in Chicago to assume a key challenge in the today global economy: how to move the investment of impact to the point of flexion in 2020.

The professionals of the impact of all the continents were united during four days of discussion and planning for the action. They debated how to impel the capital of impact on scale, being learned the best practices in the design of an impact policy and how they were inspired to the action by exceptional innovators of the impact worldwide.

The participants left Chicago armed with new tools to obtain a revolution through investments in social and environmental impacts, taking advantage of the impulse for a life better anywhere in the world and a sustainable planet.

Ronald Cohen €“ Investment of impact: The way of flexion point

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