15 December 2017 | Internet

The social needs and the roll of the responsible profitable businesses

Between the deficiencies and deficiencies of the society and the market, the climate change and the contamination, the inequality, the poverty, the extinction of the fauna and the flora, the confrontation between cultures, etc. stand out Which takes to ask to us to us: which is the roll of the state and the markets? , which would have to be? , where the capital is destined and how the activities are managed socially to be responsible.

They are the companies and their interests of yield those that can offer solutions for the treatment of the social needs. And for this reason it is necessary to recognize that the number of companies and undertakings that try to generate changes is in increasing scale, which restores initiatives of social responsibility with high positive impact to manage changes and yield to as well be able to maintain itself in the time.

New paradigms settle and a mechanism activates to empoderar changes to fight the needs and they are confined in a effort made admirable with companies that work by the people.
A scalability directed towards the social impact and an involution of activities is obtained that are able to generate creative solutions for the challenges that matter in the reality which we lived.

By this, the key in this time is in the capacity in the boarding of the social needs taking as tool the model from profitable business. In order to get to create it, it is needed very important actors, as they are the social entrepreneurs who must count on analysis, strategies, and action to include environmental, educative, social or average the problem environmental.

In synthesis, the social undertakings must yes or yes to reach an economic, social impact and environmental positive so that a community we enjoyed his impact and thus obtains a validation and the viability to consider profitable and responsible a business.

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