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8 September 2017

To work better by a world

Halfway between a NGO and a traditional company, Uruguay more and more generates profitable businesses with a social objective.

25 August 2017

VIABILITY: the hour arrived from the joint

An international agenda with dates limit that forces more strategically to work - ODS and G20. A country that it looks for to be inserted in the international markets and, consequently, to try to fulfill the same standards that the world looks. And a local context that forces to be more efficient in the search of resources.

23 August 2017

Responsible investment, the economic prescription against youthful unemployment in Buenos Aires

Responsible investments that look for a positive impact for the society and the environment, in addition to a financial return, are the economic prescription that will implement the Government of Buenos Aires to try to palliate the problem of youthful unemployment in the south of the city.

23 August 2017

The roman catholic church becomes an impact investor

The Pope, speaking in a conference in the Vatican on the impact investment, called to the Christians to rediscover €œthis precious and fundamental unit between gain and solidarity€.

16 August 2017

Event: GSG Impact Summit 2017

560 enthusiastic world-wide leaders descended in Chicago to assume a key challenge in the today global economy: how to move the investment of impact to the point of flexion in 2020.

24 July 2017

Why the money is used: the investment with social impact arrives

There is a movement in the world of finances that proposes to see how they are going away to use the resources and what effects are going to cause in the society and the environment.

21 July 2017

Models of profitable businesses and high social value: viability and impact

Conference of Michael Chu, professor and investigator of Harvard Business School, on models of profitable businesses that they look for to provide goods and services with high social value.

19 July 2017

First approaches of the investment of impact in health

Representatives of the Network of Telemamograf­a Mamotest, participated in a meeting with referring of Acrux Partners. The objective is that more and more women can accede to the mammography 3D and direct digitalis, to save lives by means of the precocious detection.

12 July 2017

The companies of triple impact go after their legal recognition in Argentina

It advances a law project that would give own identity them to the companies that, beyond his objective of an economic gain, they have as intention to generate with his activity social and environmental positive impacts.

10 July 2017

The Work group gets up to the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment

The Work group in Investment of Argentine and Uruguayan Impact formally accepted to be part of the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment.

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