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4 November 2016 | Internet

They look for to create a investment fund of impact in the region by u$s 50 million

The Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.) along with Acrux Partners sent a call to create the first investment fund of regional impact for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

28 April 2016 | Internet

The investment with social and environmental, still incipient impact in the country

Great companies are home to create the ecosystem necessary to attract the great international investors whom they look for to unfold his bottoms in projects that provide benefits for the economy and society with a clean way, sustainable and is transparent.

10 August 2015 | Internet

Economy with impact: young people with leadership capacity who create companies to bring about a social change

Between millennials, many consider that its labor activity must go of the hand of the restlessness to improve the surroundings; six cases.

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