Who We are

The Work group

One is satisfied with the intention of contributing to consolidate the ecosystem of investment of impact in the country with the purpose of to drive the economic, social and structural change that the country needs to grow on solid bases.


Our work

  • To generate and to connect a critical mass of actors nail to consolidate and to extend the market of investment of impact in Argentina.
  • To install to attractive Argentina as destiny for investments of impact, as much of local investors as global.
  • To facilitate the capital flow towards companies and businesses of triple impact.
  • To accompany to the governments in the development by the necessary conditions at regulatory and fiscal level for the development of this market.


Manifesto/Principles for organizations subscribers:

  1. We will incorporate the analysis of the environmental and social impact in the activity that we develop.
  2. We will promote the consolidation of the market of investment of impact in Argentina. We will do this having combined our efforts through work of the group of investment of impact in Argentina.
  3. We will impel the measurement of impact, having used standard and methodologies internationally accepted.
  4. We will promote the publication of the measurements of impact of our organizations and pairs.
  5. We will accompany to the State in the promotion of this type of businesses in Argentina.



The Work group is born the 10 from March of the 2016 conformed by actors key one of sectors it jeopardize with the development of the investment of impact.

Inspired by initiatives developed in the United Kingdom and Brazil, the Work group arises by the impulse from Acrux Ltd Partners and the support from the Government from the City of Versus Ace. At the moment one is satisfied by 60 organizations of different sectors.



Between the organizations aligned behind the GdTA they are Organization Roman, Free trade, Nature, Acrux Partners, Njambre, Galicia Bank, BID/FOMIN, ENI Di Tella, Austral IAE, Center of Social Innovation University of San Andres, National Direction of Social Innovation SEPYME, Government of the City of Versus Ace Social Innovation and Entrepreneurs, System B, Social Lab, Foundation AVINA, Nxtp Labs and Celeris, among others.

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