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12 December 2017 | Internet

Viability as model of businesses that aims towards a responsible management

The advance of the businesses of triple impact no longer has reverse and today no company can think about obtaining economic benefits without considering the social and environmental effect.

13 October 2017 |

Third edition of €˜Protagonists of a new economy€™

Protagonists of a new economy, a contest that emphasizes to companies that generate social and environmental value, beyond the business. It is organized by System B and OPENING.

21 September 2017 | Internet

The fourth sector: another possible economy?

To produce with environmental sustainability and for the social welfare. To prefer one marks by the ethical behavior of the company and not only by the characteristics of the product.

19 September 2017 | Internet

To harness the new economy

He is indispensable to support the development of an ecosystem of companies and viable entrepreneurs who do not take care of exclusively the financial yield.

13 September 2017 | Internet

Side B of viability

To impel a new integral and systemic economy, that redefines the sense of the success in the businesses and aims at the common well-being.

13 September 2017 | Internet

Global brand looks for entrepreneurs who can change the world

An initiative that tries to detect projects with profit aims which they have positive a social impact.

12 July 2017 | Internet

The companies of triple impact go after their legal recognition in Argentina

It advances a law project that would give own identity them to the companies that, beyond his objective of an economic gain, they have as intention to generate with his activity social and environmental positive impacts.

8 June 2017 | Internet

They impel investments of social impact by USD 150 million

Actors nail of the financial, corporative sector, organizations of the civil society, Government and academic they were united to train the Work group of Investment of Impact.

30 May 2017 | Internet

What means to be an entrepreneur of €œtriple impact€

One is undertakings that have social impact, economic and environmental. By fifth consecutive year, Program SMEs of PAE and Mayma Prizes look for to harness great projects.

10 August 2015 | Internet

Economy with impact: young people with leadership capacity who create companies to bring about a social change

Between millennials, many consider that its labor activity must go of the hand of the restlessness to improve the surroundings; six cases.

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