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28 November 2017 |

Encounter + B 2017

It is Encuentro where leaders of different sectors will participate to approximately 500 people €“, as:
Businessmen B of all Latin America; Executives and owners of great Latin and multinational Companies, et cetera.

13 October 2017 |

Third edition of €˜Protagonists of a new economy€™

Protagonists of a new economy, a contest that emphasizes to companies that generate social and environmental value, beyond the business. It is organized by System B and OPENING.

2 October 2017 | Internet

Third edition of Protagonists of a new economy

€œProtagonists of a New Economy€ are the first contest that awards to those who have the glance put in the long term, integrating economic success with social and environmental impact.

19 September 2017 | Internet

To harness the new economy

He is indispensable to support the development of an ecosystem of companies and viable entrepreneurs who do not take care of exclusively the financial yield.

13 September 2017 | Internet

Side B of viability

To impel a new integral and systemic economy, that redefines the sense of the success in the businesses and aims at the common well-being.

8 September 2017 | Internet

To work better by a world

Halfway between a NGO and a traditional company, Uruguay more and more generates profitable businesses with a social objective.

12 July 2017 | Internet

The companies of triple impact go after their legal recognition in Argentina

It advances a law project that would give own identity them to the companies that, beyond his objective of an economic gain, they have as intention to generate with his activity social and environmental positive impacts.

29 March 2017 | Internet

Companies B, the challenge to create businesses of triple impact

This type of companies combines the profit with the solution to problematic social and environmental. In Argentina he has more than 50 certified ones under this system, whose main requirement is to count on an intention related to the triple impact.

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