Investment of Impact

The impact investments are investments realised in companies, organizations and bottoms with the intention to generate social, environmental impact and financial return. The impact investments can be realised so much in developed markets as emergent and to have as objective a rank of returns that go from values of market to below market, following the circumstances.

Work groups

The Work groups (Task force) in Investment of Impact are born in the year 2000 in the United Kingdom. They are constituted as platforms that allow the actors of the ecosystem of impact of each country to share experiences, to raise challenges, search ways to drive the local market and to connect with their international pairs. One of the majors tasks of the Work groups is to promote a unified vision of the impact investment, to facilitate the knowledge interchange and to foment the necessary changes at regulatory and political level in each local market. The success of these groups takes to that in year 2013 the Work group of the G8 for the Investment of Social Impact is created (Social Impact Investment Task force) to reunite to civil servers of government and directive stops of the world of finances, the businesses and philanthropy with the purpose of to develop the market of impact investment. After the successful putting in agenda in 2015, the Work group opened himself beyond the members of the G8. At the moment Global the Social Impact Investment Steering Group counts on the representation of 13 countries plus the European Union.


Work groups in the world

Australia: Rosemary Addis, Impact Investing Australia
Brazil: Antonio Ermirio de Moraes Neto, Box Capital
Canada: Tim Jackson, Centers for Impact Investing, MaRS
France: Hugues Sibille, Cr©dit Coop©ratif
Germany: Brigitte Mohn, Bertelsmann Foundation
India: Amit Bhatia, Impact Investors Council
Israel: Yossi Tamir, JDC, with Yaron Neudorfer, Social Finance Israel
Italy: Giovanna Melandri, Human Foundation
Japan: Shuichi Ono, Nippon Foundation
Mexico: Rodrigo Villar, New Ventures Mexico
Portugal: Filipe Santos, Social Portugal Innovation
The United Kingdom: Michele Giddens, Bridges Ventures
The United States: Darren Walker, Ford Foundation
European Union: Uli Grabenwarter, European Investment Fund

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