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9 November 2017 | Internet

Investment of impact, prescribes economic against the social problems in Argentina

Responsible investments that look for a positive impact for the society and the environment, in addition to a financial return, are the economic prescription that will implement the Government of Buenos Aires.

8 November 2017 | Internet

Argentina looks for to benefit from the impact investment

All the investments will end up optimizing not only the risk and the yield, but also the impact, affirms. €œThey are already revolutionizing the way about which we thought about Capitalism€.

31 October 2017 | Internet

The responsible investment arrives to remain

The socially responsible investment (ISR) increases in parallel with the increasing interest by the sustainable development and the enterprise social responsibility.

13 September 2017 | Internet

Side B of viability

To impel a new integral and systemic economy, that redefines the sense of the success in the businesses and aims at the common well-being.

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