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The 17 Objectives of Sustainable Development.
21 December 2017 | Internet

Investment of impact and objectives of sustainable development

In the world of the sustainable investment, it is not possible not to be spoken of the Objectives of Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), because these objectives are everywhere and make possible great projects.

15 December 2017 | Internet

It is changing the form in which the companies measure their social impact

Every time he is more excellent organizations to show to them his groups of interest whom not only are a good company for his shareholders, but also a good company for the world.

15 December 2017 | Internet

The social needs and the roll of the responsible profitable businesses

New paradigms settle and a mechanism activates to empoderar changes to fight the needs and they are confined in a effort made admirable with companies that work by the people.

12 December 2017 | Internet

Viability as model of businesses that aims towards a responsible management

The advance of the businesses of triple impact no longer has reverse and today no company can think about obtaining economic benefits without considering the social and environmental effect.

4 December 2017 | Internet

Integration, the axis of the economy of social impact

Referring of the model of businesses with objective triple they gave its vision, from the experience, of the keys to sustain the change.

13 November 2017 | Internet

The last tendency: to invest to change the world

The impact investment questions that it is possible to only solve the most important problems of the humanity by means of governmental policies and philanthropy.

31 October 2017 | Internet

The responsible investment arrives to remain

The socially responsible investment (ISR) increases in parallel with the increasing interest by the sustainable development and the enterprise social responsibility.

23 October 2017 | Internet

Day B: Towards a new economy of triple impact

Day B, an encounter impelled by System B Argentina, that will reunite to representatives of public sector, prevailed and academic to share and to interchange experiences it exceeds how the different economic actors can impel businesses that associate the financial success with the development and partner-environmental care.

18 October 2017 | Internet

The socially responsible investment consolidates

The socially responsible investment has undergone an exponential growth in the last years in the advanced capital markets.

13 October 2017 |

Third edition of €˜Protagonists of a new economy€™

Protagonists of a new economy, a contest that emphasizes to companies that generate social and environmental value, beyond the business. It is organized by System B and OPENING.

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