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18 December 2017 | Internet

To make money and to make the good are not incompatible

The objective is to obtain an investment model that is attractive by the interest that offers, but also by the development that it promotes.

8 November 2017 | Internet

Argentina looks for to benefit from the impact investment

All the investments will end up optimizing not only the risk and the yield, but also the impact, affirms. €œThey are already revolutionizing the way about which we thought about Capitalism€.

25 September 2017 | Internet

Argentina, more and more about to send the impact investments

There are more and more actors working together so that to be able to invest looking for to generate a financial return and simultaneously a social impact and environmental positive is possible in our country.

15 June 2017 | Internet

A red agenda to the alive one

The question is if the public sector, deprived and the citizenship will change their habits to obtain the commitments assumed with respect to the reduction of the greenhouse effect emissions as well as if the changes arrive from habits of production and consumption.

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