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The 17 Objectives of Sustainable Development.
21 December 2017 | Internet

Investment of impact and objectives of sustainable development

In the world of the sustainable investment, it is not possible not to be spoken of the Objectives of Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), because these objectives are everywhere and make possible great projects.

19 December 2017 | Internet

€œThe impact investment is the only possible way€

With that security, Mar­a Laura Tinelli, Director of Acrux Partners, put the center in the type of investments that are shaking to the globe and that has it everything to do it in Argentina. What one comes doing and what lack at local level, between its reflections. Mar­a Laura Tinelli is the Director of Acrux [€¦]

13 November 2017 | Internet

The last tendency: to invest to change the world

The impact investment questions that it is possible to only solve the most important problems of the humanity by means of governmental policies and philanthropy.

10 November 2017 | Internet

Argentina wants to slice of the impact investment foot

Attracting impact investors is part of Argentina President Mauricio Macri plan to rebuild the country's investment environment.

9 November 2017 | Internet

Investment of impact, prescribes economic against the social problems in Argentina

Responsible investments that look for a positive impact for the society and the environment, in addition to a financial return, are the economic prescription that will implement the Government of Buenos Aires.

31 October 2017 | Internet

The responsible investment arrives to remain

The socially responsible investment (ISR) increases in parallel with the increasing interest by the sustainable development and the enterprise social responsibility.

25 October 2017 |

Day B in Argentina

System B Argentina has been Day B ahead: towards a new economy of triple impact, in center of Arturo Frondizi Conventions of 8:30 to 18:00 hours.

18 October 2017 | Internet

The socially responsible investment consolidates

The socially responsible investment has undergone an exponential growth in the last years in the advanced capital markets.

6 October 2017 | Internet

To invest in the society

Before a financing request, the answer of the financial organization is going to depend on which is the result of the calculation of the probability of non-payment of the loan.

3 October 2017 | Internet

The Investments of Impact look for to open themselves in Latin America

The invesiones of Impact no longer are an option. The change arrived to remain. To fortify the actors, and to open the conversation between all the strategic actors: the way already is drawn up.

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