One of the majors strengths of the Argentine market is its potential of generation of investment opportunities, as a result of the quality of the local entrepreneurs. Also, an ascending governmental interest and of investors deprived towards the sector exists that is translated in support financier as logistic as much.



  • Increasing successful examples of viable companies of impact in the country.
  • Alignment of actors and originating efforts as much of the sector of investment, government, corporations, companies, academy, incubators of companies and intermediaries to develop the market.
  • Enterprising ecosystem in growth and with good bases. Many of the new entrepreneurs, by age and formation, orient their companies with an impact profile. The increase of Companies B in Argentina is remarkable.
  • Local philanthropic sector that journeys towards investing with impact.
  • Progressive opening of the Government to promote this type of investments through fiscal incentives.
  • Actions taken by the Government as far as the ordering of the budget deficit and the attraction of investments towards the country, and the impulse to the resurgence of market of the enterprising and deprived capital.
  • Generation of vehicles for impact investment, including a Bond of Social Impact and the first investment fund of impact for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, among others.
  • The corporations and great companies as much represent a sector in frank growth in the country as potential investors and promoters of the market, connecting within their chain of production to companies of triple impact in earlier stages.



  • The fiscal and regulatory frame needs to update itself and to facilitate so much the growth of investments and companies, as the donations to companies of impact or philanthropy.
  • An underdeveloped market of enterprising and deprived capital.
  • Necessity of increase of the international investments towards the country.
  • The majority of the companies that are born from impact is not still ready or On guard to receive investments, but they are, in its majority, stage of incubation.
  • Lack of trajectory of this type of investments in the country.
  • Shortage of instruments of patient and mixed capital that grant a mixture of investments and I contribute nonreimbursable to social intermediaries of the sector, companies and organizations for charity.
  • The lack of definition on the part of the regulator about the inclusion of the consideration of the environmental, social impact and of transparency in the corporative government as it leaves from having fiduciary of the pension and investment funds of the country.

A effort joint and coordinated is necessary to drive the structural, regulatory and fiscal changes that allow to catalyze the capital flow towards investments that are observing this triple line.


Map of the investment/market/sector of impact in Argentina



Report of Investment of Impact Argentina 2017

768 to 983
480 to 767