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15 December 2017 | Internet

The social needs and the roll of the responsible profitable businesses

New paradigms settle and a mechanism activates to empoderar changes to fight the needs and they are confined in a effort made admirable with companies that work by the people.

16 November 2017 | Internet

Viability: the key factor of the new businesses of the future

Specialists spoke of the importance of integrating the care of the atmosphere and the human rights in the plan of businesses of the companies if a return is wanted.

27 September 2017 | Internet

The importance of investors and businessmen in the development

By means of the impact investments, - financial investments oriented to activities with social impact and environmental positive some of the actors already are participating in the development.

21 July 2017 | Internet

Models of profitable businesses and high social value: viability and impact

Conference of Michael Chu, professor and investigator of Harvard Business School, on models of profitable businesses that they look for to provide goods and services with high social value.

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