Although some investments in Uruguayan undertakings have been managed to emphasize at international level, the investors say to face the challenge to count on a solid and ample pipeline of projects in which to invest.

The pipeline is limited and although there are some actions that are being taken, the challenge exists, especially in the investments of impact, still incipient. At present, it is necessary to spread the concept and to count on cases of success.

The lack of a legal frame for the bottoms of EP/VC in Uruguay and the restriction of the local institutional investors make difficult to the development of the EP bottoms/VC nationals. Uruguay also saw a reduction in the requirements of registry of the investments inwards, since the requirements of reserves became hardened.


Opportunities and challenges

  • To educate, to document and to spread information.
  • To systematize experiences.
  • To develop government policies that generate demand for undertakings with impact.
  • To develop a legal frame that favors the investment of social impact.
  • To send to contests and calls (Inclusive Innovation).
  • To fortify the support network (accelerating, bottoms, others)
  • To attract the referring premises that generate influence.
  • To show metric results on the basis of international
  • To tie the social and environmental impact to the economic performance.
  • To offer to major access to capital.


Enterprising map

768 to 983
480 to 767