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25 October 2017 |

Day B in Argentina

System B Argentina has been Day B ahead: towards a new economy of triple impact, in center of Arturo Frondizi Conventions of 8:30 to 18:00 hours.

23 October 2017 | Internet

Day B: Towards a new economy of triple impact

Day B, an encounter impelled by System B Argentina, that will reunite to representatives of public sector, prevailed and academic to share and to interchange experiences it exceeds how the different economic actors can impel businesses that associate the financial success with the development and partner-environmental care.

12 July 2017 | Internet

The companies of triple impact go after their legal recognition in Argentina

It advances a law project that would give own identity them to the companies that, beyond his objective of an economic gain, they have as intention to generate with his activity social and environmental positive impacts.

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