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15 December 2017 | Internet

It is changing the form in which the companies measure their social impact

Every time he is more excellent organizations to show to them his groups of interest whom not only are a good company for his shareholders, but also a good company for the world.

16 November 2017 | Internet

Viability: the key factor of the new businesses of the future

Specialists spoke of the importance of integrating the care of the atmosphere and the human rights in the plan of businesses of the companies if a return is wanted.

27 September 2017 | Internet

The importance of investors and businessmen in the development

By means of the impact investments, - financial investments oriented to activities with social impact and environmental positive some of the actors already are participating in the development.

25 September 2017 | Internet

Argentina, more and more about to send the impact investments

There are more and more actors working together so that to be able to invest looking for to generate a financial return and simultaneously a social impact and environmental positive is possible in our country.

21 September 2017 | Internet

The fourth sector: another possible economy?

To produce with environmental sustainability and for the social welfare. To prefer one marks by the ethical behavior of the company and not only by the characteristics of the product.

15 September 2017 | Internet

Sustainability is to be responsible economic, social and environmentally with the planet

Daily actions as to save water and energy they allow us to generate positive impacts in the world so that the next generations have the necessary resources during their lives.

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