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12 December 2017 | Internet

Viability as model of businesses that aims towards a responsible management

The advance of the businesses of triple impact no longer has reverse and today no company can think about obtaining economic benefits without considering the social and environmental effect.

16 November 2017 | Internet

Viability: the key factor of the new businesses of the future

Specialists spoke of the importance of integrating the care of the atmosphere and the human rights in the plan of businesses of the companies if a return is wanted.

23 October 2017 | Internet

Day B: Towards a new economy of triple impact

Day B, an encounter impelled by System B Argentina, that will reunite to representatives of public sector, prevailed and academic to share and to interchange experiences it exceeds how the different economic actors can impel businesses that associate the financial success with the development and partner-environmental care.

15 June 2017 | Internet

A red agenda to the alive one

The question is if the public sector, deprived and the citizenship will change their habits to obtain the commitments assumed with respect to the reduction of the greenhouse effect emissions as well as if the changes arrive from habits of production and consumption.

4 June 2017 | Graph

Ten keys to find the return him to the circular economy

The circular economy raises that what in a scheme of the linear economy (to produce, to consume and to throw) trash is considered, can happen to have a new life utility, often as a consumption to make new products.

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