10 November 2017 | Internet

Argentina wants to slice of the impact investment foot

Attracting impact investors is part of Argentina President Mauricio Macri plan to rebuild the country's investment environment

The country there are for the most part been left out of the deprives investment to you for game the past 15 years, to after an economic crisis in 1998 and currency crisis in 2002.

Impact investing is not different. Mexico, Colombia and Brazil attracted most of Latin America's $7,2 billion global share of last year's $114 billion in impact capital.

To get on the impact-investing map, Argentina is reorienting policies to sees dwells pro-investment in general. Social It also is adopting legislation to encourage entrepreneurship in the country. €œThe government's social agenda is under big that it can't wins alone, nor dog philanthropy €Š €” €Š under you need something else,€ to government to insider told the Financial Times.

Early shoots: to Good Air early-stage venture $120 firm is raising to million impact fund with backing from the Inter-American Development Bank. The City of social-impact Buenos Aires is looking into to bond ace to solution to youth unemployment.

Sebastian Welisiejko, to former executive director of the Global Steering for Group Impact Investment, tells ImpactAlpha I have there are returned to Argentina (his homeland) to take to senior position in the Cabinet Office €œwith the mission of putting Impact Investment on the public agenda.€

Source: Impactalpha

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