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Argentina looks for to benefit from the impact investment

Until recently, investing in Argentina he was so dangerous that the majority of the foreigners simply did not consider it. Many villagers preferred to hide their money in the outside or safe-deposit boxes.

So the fact that they are establishing financial strategies as the impact investment (which had been virtually impossible two years ago) it is a signal of how much they have changed the things since the president proinvestment, Mauricio Macri, was chosen in 2015.

€œMany have tried it, but the conditions were extremely adverse€, it says Mar­a Laura Tinelli, director and founder of Acrux Partners, that operate in South America advising to the investing calls €œof impact€ which they look for to generate a social or environmental benefit along with a financial return.

There are early indications of growth in the rising sector. As they improve the general conditions of the market with the margins of sovereign risk of Argentina falling to minimums of 10 years, they are being taken measured to create the propitious conditions for the impact investment, something to which the previous government of Cristina Fern¡ndez de Kirchner was against.

One hopes that soon a new law from capital markets to the Congress, whereas another legislation it offers more incentives, as allowing to the establishment of the B Corp €” companies with aims of profit certified to persecute social and environmental objectives or of social companies in the country will appear.

€œNow there are people nails in the Government whom been they have involved in impact investments during years€, it says Mrs Tinelli. This has added an impulse much greater than it was expected to the growth of the impact investment.

The Multilateral Fund of Investments of the Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.) signed the previous week an agreement to endorse a investment fund of impact of 120 million dollars collected by NXTP Labs, a group of venture capital in initial stages focused in companies of technology in Latin America.

It is one of the first steps in an almost nonexistent sector that in 2016 represented anywhere in the world around 114 billion of dollars in assets under investments managed and projected, according to Global Impact Investing Network.

Latin America has attracted approximately 7.2 billions of those bottoms. Most went to Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, since they are the countries with more favorable governments to the investment who have created necessary fiscal the regulatory conditions and for the venture capital and the markets of private capital, without which cannot prosper the impact investment.

In addition to NXTP Labs, the I.A.D.B. endorses other two bottoms, one of which is administered by Pegasus Group, a group of private capital founded by Mario Quintana, who let the company to become one of the most powerful members of the cabinet of Macri.

The presence of people as Quintana in the Government contrasts strongly with the previous administration that was against ideologically to the impact investment. €œIt is necessary to recognize that the social agenda of the Government is so great that cannot face up the Government by itself, nor to approach philanthropy. Then, you need something more€, shelp an expert of the Government. €œThe idea that the private capital could play a role in the solution of social problems was not possible previously€.

In addition to the investment funds endorsed by the I.A.D.B., the government of the city of Buenos Aires it has created a bond of social impact of 2 million dollars that hopes to send the next year. He will be one of several bonds with which it will be experienced in the region.

The shortage of group and risk capital of private capital in Argentina presents challenges, says Susana Garc­a-Robles, director of operations of loans and at heart Multilateral capital of Investments of the SEE For example, indicates to the convergence in Latin America between the venture capital and the investment of impact, unlike the developed markets more where the difference is clearer.

Latin America still has deep problems in basic areas as the health, the education, the house and finances that the impact investment could help to solve, shelp Marta Cruz, founding partner of NXTP Labs.

€œThe types of impact investment who really interest to us€, says Garcia-Rivet, €œare the investments that combine the technology and the investment with the commitment to improve the lives of the people€.

The growth of the investment of impact in Argentina will take some time, says to Sebasti¡n Welisiejko, executive ex-director of the Global Steering for Group Impact Investment, but he argues that Argentina can learn of the international experience and advance where is possible. €œWe do not have to re-invent the wheel€.

All the investments will end up optimizing not only the risk and the yield, but also the impact, affirms. €œThey are already revolutionizing the way about which we thought about Capitalism€.

Source: The Times

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