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Day B: Towards a new economy of triple impact

The 25 of October, System B Argentina have been Day B ahead: towards a new economy of triple impact, in center of Arturo Frondizi Conventions of 8:30 to 18:00 hours.

Day B will be developed: towards a new economy of triple impact, an encounter impelled by System B Argentina, that will reunite to representatives of public sector, prevailed and academic to share and to interchange experiences it exceeds how the different economic actors can impel businesses that associate the financial success with the development and partner-environmental care.

The encounter will be divided in 4 segments: The B company as transformation actor, a chat with two entrepreneurs and founders of companies that defend a collective intention; The new economy in mainstream led by multinational companies that become after the new economy; Hitting from the public policies, a panel in whom representing of C³rdoba and Mendoza they will speak of the roll of the State in the New Economy; The people as change motor, in which In©s Bert³n de Tealosophy and Sergio Nº±ez of a Bicicleter­a will expose in first person how problematic social they can impel inclusive businesses.

€œThe B company as transformation actor€

  • The intention as factor of transformation of a model of business SME, by Pedro Friedrich director of Tonka producing company of accessories of gas devices that develop to products and services to facilitate and to accelerate the transition to the renewable energies.
  • Company that is born with intention. Founding Nicol¡s Shea of I fulfill, funding platform that connects of direct way to people and companies, obtaining lower rates of indebtedness (less than half) for which ask, and lifting the rates of saving for which they render. Shea also is President Fundador of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile and President of Socialab Chile.

€œThe new economy in mainstream€

  • The evolution that brought the process of certification as B Company and the main challenges presented By Nicol¡s Dobler, Sustainability & CSR Manager, Danone South Cone.
  • Importance of initiating a way B and how to redefine the success in the businesses. By Pedro Arnt, Director of Finances of Free trade.
  • Continuous improvement as part of the recertificaci³n as B Company. Karina Stocovaz, Manager of viability of Latam Nature.

Hitting from the public policies

  • How to integrate to the private sector in the solution of the problematic ones of the cities: case €œMendoza + B€. By Guillermo Navarro, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy of the Government of Mendoza.
  • The value of the joint public-deprived in Community B of Cordoba. By Victor Mochkofsky, Social and Technological entrepreneur, Co-Founder de C¡ndido Can, Patio World and AfterSeven.

€œThe people as change motor€

  • Problematic social as opportunity. Sergio Nº±ez of a Bicicleter­a will count as he transformed an episode of insecurity into a project of social inclusion.
  • Inclusive chains of value, by In©s Berton, founder of Tealosophy.

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