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The Investments of Impact look for to open themselves in Latin America

The Group of Foundations and Companies (GDFE) realised a new day under the motto €œTo invigorate the development: Investments of Impact in Argentina€. They participated representing in the public sector, deprived and of the civil society with the aim of debating about the opportunities and challenges of the Investments of Impact, an alternative within the Deprived Social Investment that is tendency at global level.

€œWe create is that it is possible to create economic and social wealth simultaneously and sustainable€. With this affirmation, it inaugurated Mar­a Julia D­az Ardaya, president of the GDFE, XV the Annual Day of the Group of Foundations and Companies (GDFE) €œTo invigorate the development: Investments of Impact in Argentina€.

The encounter fulfilled its objective, to reunite and to open the conversation between all the actors involved in the ecosystem of the Social Investment in our country: international companies, organisms, academic foundations, government, investors and. All of them shelp to present in the hall Jacaranda Foundation YPF Tuesday 26 of September.

All the assistants reached an agreement. We are preparations for the change. The public participated with interactive pulsers in this conversation. €œHe considers that in Argentina we can to develop the impact investments€ €œYes€ it was the answer of 51% of the public, whereas 41.2% responded that €œmoderately€. Investment of impact is to be able to invest, and search a financial return simultaneously and a social impact and environmental positive. The change already is a decision.

The GDFE began this year a new cycle that takes the clear objective to extend the action phantom, to enrich the dialogue and to think its roll about a greater scale. With the glance put in generating a new vision on the public good in Argentina, crossed by some undelayable concepts: innovation, joint, federal looked incidence and.

€œThe change is not an option€ was one of the conclusions of the panellists. Rodrigo Saa and Mar­a Laura Tinelli were the first disertantes, ordered to introduce the subject and to motivate the public.

The Chilean Rodrigo Saa, opened the panel of presentations €œHow to prepare us for the innovation€. €œThere are no magical prescriptions to innovate€ was the trigger of the presentation of Saa. €œTo speak of Investments of Impact we must change urgent ours mindset.€ One talked about to leave of side our preconceptions at the time of thinking about investments and economic return related to the corporate property. Between his keys, it proposed a quick change of the way to think and to harness the strengths. €œTo innovate it is necessary to articulate equipment, to discover in what we are good to bet to that€. In all Latin America us it is necessary €œto create value, to capture value and of distributing value€

Mar­a Laura Tinelli, of Acrux Partners and member of the Work group that develops a Bond of Social Impact in the City of Buenos Aires, maintained: €œThe paradigm is changing, and Argentina is not the exception: €œWe are in a point of no return towards an only way to make businesses. To invest today is to look everything: financial and social return€. The permea change in the companies, the investments and also in philanthropy.

Soon it was the turn of the Panel of Debate €œTo fortify the ecosystem of the impact investments: the roll of each sector.€ They participated: Constanza Gorleri, manager of viability of the Galicia Bank; Mat­as Bendersky, commander of the Unit of Strategic Alliances and Mobilization of Resources of I.A.D.B.; Marian Labourt, person in charge of Communication of Conservation Land Trust (Argentina); Sebasti¡n Welisiejko, director of Global Steering for Group Impact Investment (the United Kingdom); and Mar­a Rigou, executive director of the GDFE, as moderator.

Sebasti¡n Welisiejko, is ex- Director of Global Steering for Group Impact Investment, just arrived at Argentina to assume a new roll as of October in the scope of the Headquarters of Cabinet of Ministers, from where also the value is seen of attracting and of causing this type of investments with double value. €œThe impact investment affects the social and environmental agenda. Single philanthropy cannot respond, the governments and the capital only, either.€ €œI believe in the transforming roll of the public sector. In the United Kingdom, the State had a catalytic roll in the matter of impact investments, but the demand must be ready also to receive it. The government must put much more, to put in the social agenda, beyond generating a regulation.€

Mat­as Bendersky, is Commander of the Unit of Strategic Alliances and Mobilization of Resources of Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.)) and he maintained that €œin a country and a region perceived as of average rent, to foment this type of investments he could harness and cover part with the agenda of funding of the ODS of sustainable way€.

Constanza Gorleri, manager of Viability of the Galicia Bank affirmed that €œthe context demands action to us€. €œFrom the financial sector no longer he reaches to think to whom he lends himself and in what conditions. It is necessary to think it as an investment, and to choose to invest in organizations with intention€. As far as the investments of Impact, he shelp: €œwe left the risk glance, to go towards a glance of opportunities€.

On the other hand, Marian Labourt from Conservation Land Trust, approaches in National Parks in the Iber¡ to viability as a philanthropy and conservation, business model; promoting the Investments of impact in the north of the country.

The Invesiones de Impacto no longer are an option. The change arrived to remain. To fortify the actors, and to open the conversation between all the strategic actors: the way already is drawn up.

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