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First approaches of the investment of impact in health

Mamotest democratises the mammary diagnosis of quality and for it ties with different national and international organisms, including a a consulting outstanding of investment of impact with center in South America. The objective is that more and more women can accede to the mammography 3D and direct digitalis, to save lives by means of the precocious detection.

Guillermo Pepe and Camila de Pamphilis of the Network of Telemamograf­a Mamotest, participated recently in a meeting via Skype with referring of Acrux Partners. One is a consultant of impact investment with base in the United Kingdom and Argentina, that supports to companies and projects that they try to reach a sustainable financial return and a positive impact in the society.

This consultant, encourages activities that are sustainable and improve the quality of life of the people, looking for to harness the enterprising spirit and the capital (social, financial and natural) of Latin America, to obtain a inclusive and viable economy.
The work methodology that is implemented consists in which the Government identifies a problematic one of great social impact, between which is the breast cancer, since in Argentina they are diagnosed between 18 thousand and 20 thousand new cases to the year; and to the actors who can give answers with solutions.

Then, risk investors look for, objectives remember and results to fulfill in a certain term and are begun with the implementation of the project. If the results are favorable gives back the investment, what is called €œsocial bond€. Acrux becomes jumbled in the planning, the measurement and the report of the impact of the project.

From Mamotest, they considered that €œthese projects allow to find solutions that have impact more and more and could represent a great opportunity to continue expanding the Network of Telemamograf­a in Argentina, so that more and more women have access to the mammary diagnosis of high quality€.

They added that €œwe bet to the joint of the public-deprived sector, formalizing the involvement of the private sector in the design and execution of public policies, fomenting the social investment€.

It is possible to stand out that they also participated in the Marina Arias meeting of the NGO Greenbondi, representatives of Study Beccar Varela and Seeds (microfinancier).

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