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Investments of impact in the country activate

According to a recent report, the country is in ideal conditions to harness this market. Two bottoms already announced investments by u$s150 million.

Diego Gonz¡lez

A recent report investigates on the panorama of investments of impact in Argentina and notices that a unique opportunity exists to harness this market. Although the analysis seems utopian, the certain thing is that already there are two bottoms that they look for to impel investments by a total of u$s150 million.

The impact investments look for to generate a financial return and a social impact and environmental measurable positive and. This model began in global finances in 2001 with strong diffusion in Europe and EE.UU.; in Latin America there are advances and according to the specialists Argentina is in propitious conditions to gain followers.

The past year the Work group of Investment of Impact in Argentina (GdTA) conformed by Organization Roman, Free trade, Galicia Bank, Nature, Avina Foundation, BID/FOMIN, Alic and Acrux Partners was born with the aim of driving this type of development in the country. This equipment sent to the report €œInvestment of impact in Argentina€ where it analyzes the present time and the perspective to future.


The study, to which it had access Biz Scope, assures that the private capital and enterprising still is relegated to comparison of its regional pairs although it emphasizes that €œexists a unique opportunity to harness the impact market differently than it happened in other parts of the world€. In addition it aims that it is important not to classify the investment of impact in a niche, but to foment it as part of the integral effort impelled by the Government, multilateral organisms and the private sector. €œFor it, the passage of two dimensions of analysis to three is essential, of the traditional risk and return, at risk, return and impact€.

€œIn Argentina there are certain conditions that were not two or 10 years ago when the pioneers of the sector in our country as Njambre, FIS, Mayma and Equitas began to develop the market€, he maintains Mar­a Laura Tinelli, director of Acrux Partners, consultant of investment of impact in charge of the analysis.

In line it emphasizes at least three points that make possible east advances. First it is the receptivity of the Government with the law of entrepreneurs, the promotion to this type of investments and the law of companies of triple impact that the past week began again to be discussed in Deputies. €œIn addition the State is investing strongly in the development of the social enterprising capital€, explains this based Argentine specialist in London, where the impact investments are developed.

Also, according to Tinelli, it increased the commitment of actors nails within the financial, corporative and investing sector €œto innovate and to incorporate the environmental and social lens in his way to analyze investment options€. Finally, it valorizes the work of the organizations of the civil society and the academic sector. €œIn spite of the economic crisis of the last years, Argentina remains high in the international ranking of emprendedurismo and this causes that we are attractive as destiny of international investment€, it sentences


Although the investment towards this sector is incipient, they finish announcing investments by u$s150 million in the next years. NXTPLabs was selected by the FOMIN as administrator of the first investment fund of impact for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. With an amount of u$s120 million and look for to facilitate the capital flow towards investments in companies in early stage, with a proven model of businesses that they are looking for to generate social and environmental impact. In as much, the Pegasus Group presented its investment fund of impact by an amount of u$s30 million, oriented to solve the environmental problems of health, house, incapacity, adults majors and questions as renewable recycling, energies and new technologies applied to the viable product manufacture.

On Tinelli end it observes that there is no a single way to invest with impact, €œcan be developed in different classes from assets and look for different levels from return€. And it recommends to define the objectives well that are wanted to obtain, to make sure that the impact objective cannot be given to the detriment of the financier and be measured and vice versa be reported together.

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