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They impel investments of social impact by USD 150 million

Actors nail of the financial, corporative sector, organizations of the civil society, Government and academic they were united to train the Work group of Investment of Impact, who weigh so much the yield as the social and environmental benefits.

Main the referring ones of the sector met with the aim of delineating the challenges and opportunities of Argentina to develop the market of impact investment. During the event, organized by the Work group in Argentina (GdTA), new vehicles appeared that they look for to impel investments by a total of 150 million dollars: accelerator, investment funds and bond of social impact that they look for to change the form to make businesses.

The impact investments, unlike the traditional ones, in the same way weigh the financial result, the risk and the positive impact in the society and the environment. This shift of paradigm that began in global finances in the 2001, today finds to Argentina with propitious conditions for the development this way different to make businesses, according to described referring of the sector.

In 2016, actors nail of the financial, corporative sector, organizations of the civil society, academy, Government and companies of benefit and collective interest anticipated this scene and they were united to train the Work group of Investment of Impact in Argentina with the aim of fortifying the development of the market in the country. In this frame, the Mesa Ejecutiva of the GdTA, integrated by Organization Roman, Free trade, Galicia Bank, Nature, Avina Foundation, BID/FOMIN, Alic and Acrux Partners, organized this event in the Torcuato Di Tella University where they reunited to main the referring ones of the sector and presented the challenges and opportunities of the investments of impact in Argentina.

Mar­a Laura Tinelli, director of Acrux Partners, presented the first report that describes the national situation and enumerated recommendations for each sector. Also, he invited all the actors to inquire and to add themselves as change agents. On the other hand, Susana Garc­a Robles, main official of investments in charge of the Group of Funding in Early Stages of the FOMIN/BID (Multilateral Fund of Investments/Inter-American Development Bank), that has been more than 20 years investing in funds of enterprising capital and impact in the region, he offered a regional vision and he emphasized the place that occupies the country in the present context and the opportunities that are opened facing the joint push of the different actors from the sector.


NXTPLabs was selected by the FOMIN as administrator of the first investment fund of impact for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. With an amount of USD 120 million, look for to facilitate the capital flow towards investments in companies in early stage, with a proven model of businesses that they are looking for to generate social and environmental impact in these countries.

This action mobilized key players of the local and international financial sector to explore the option to develop investments in this sense. €œWe did not need to sacrifice return by impact€, it clarified Gonzalo Costa, founding partner of NXTP. €œWith this new bottom we are going to be able to invest purely in 30 technological companies of impact€.

The Pegasus Group presented its investment fund of impact by an amount of USD 30 million, oriented to solve the problems of the middle-class emergent (health, house, incapacity, adults majors) and environmental questions (renewable recycling, energies and new technologies applied to the viable product manufacture). €œThe challenges that the world raises not were solved by the traditional economy nor philanthropy. We must construct this way so that in the future all the investments are of impact€, shelp Fernando Chuit, director of Impact Investment de Pegasus.


The Government of the City of Buenos Aires is in process to develop the first Bond of Social Impact for Argentina (known in the world as bonds of social impact). This instrument works beforehand as a scheme of payment by results where the investor assumes the risk of advancing the capital and of monitoring the performance of the suppliers on watch for the attainment of results, ruled. The Government is committed to pay the inverted capital plus a risk premium when these results are reached.

€œWe think that the roll of the State must be the one of articulador, because the impact is greater when we added investing organizations of the civil society and to work altogether. This bond was developed with that logic€, explained Adolfo D­az Valdez, general director of Strategic Planning of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

€œThe challenges that the world raises not were solved by the traditional economy nor philanthropy€

Also, Pablo Sim³n, founder of Turns, shelp: €œWe are before surroundings of opportunities to construct solutions that through the technology are replicables and escalables. I believe that it is necessary that in front of this scene, the private sector understands that its function also is social€.

Paula Cardenau, founding Co of Njambre, talked about to the challenges of the impact companies to secure investments: €œClearly an opportunity in the matter of investments exists, but this way is challenging and we must begin to construct it€, it explained.

The Work group of Investment of Impact in Argentina was created the 10 of March of 2016, with the aim of plotting the course and consolidating the development of the market of investment of impact, where it looks for to generate a shift of paradigm in the form to make businesses. After its formation, the executive table Argentina focuses its efforts in: the development of reports and content to promote the impact investment; to foment the increase of capital and the instruments available for the impact investment; to develop the appropriate regulatory frame to foment for the businesses with impact and its funding; to enable the excellent actors, and to facilitate the systematization of the measurement of impact.

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