13 December 2016 | Internet

The enterprising capital advances in the south of Latin America

In Argentina the Directive Commission of the Association of Private capital, Enterprising and Semilla was constituted (ARCAP), presided by Marta Cruz, of NXTP Labs. In addition, the FOMIN supports the creation of a Investment fund of Impact for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In Argentina, the Argentina Association of Private capitalEnterprising and Semilla (ARCAP), on the initiative of a group of professionals of the sector, constituted the Directive Commission that will lead the organization in its first year of management. Marta Cruz, of NXTP Labs, was designated as president. Within the framework of its designation, Cross expressed: €œWe aspired to that, working altogether with the national, provincial authorities and the members that are added to ARCAP, we manage to noticeably increase the flow of productive investments in our country, as thus also contributing to the generation of use of quality for the Argentineans€. Other actors who conform the Commission are Hern¡n Kazah (Kaszek Ventures), Carlos J. Garc­a (Victoria Capital Partners), Diego Gonz¡lez Bravo (Capital Cygnus), Alejandro Fiuza (Brown Rudnick) and Jorge Matheu (Capital Linzor Partners).

Another important news is the support of the FOMIN to the creation of a Investment fund of Impact for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Next to Acrux Partners, a consultant of investment of impact with center in the development of the investments in Latin America, they look for managers of bottoms with a proven file. The call of manifestations of interest for the selection of the Managing Society is open until the 15 of December.

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Source: Prodem

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